Terms of Use

User cost:

There are no usage charges up to the cost of Internet access. The service is free. This excludes any damage claims which may arise from the breach of the rules or terms and conditions.

Period of use:

Period of use: The use period is no time limit. However, there is no obligation for the operator to offer the service indefinitely. The operator can set any time without notice for any reason the service at any time.

Privacy Policy:

Not applicable since no personalized data is needed for using the online service. We collect only anonymous data such as origin, browser and operating system.


The user undertakes not to make copies of the content from the site without the consent of the operator or the content of this exploit. In case of violation of criminal can / civil consequences threaten.

Amendment of Terms:

The terms and conditions may change at any time. There are always the current terms of use.

Written at: 07. February 2011 by admin


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